XXXY City (New York City Edition)

Adobe Illustrator (iconography)

d3.js, Leaflet, JavaScript, Vue, Vue Router, NPM, Node.js, Babel-es2015, Webpack (laravel-mix) SPA

Node.js, API

XXXY City contains 48 different maps across 7 indicators that allow for the comparison of income, education, occupation, and others between men and women. The user interface is split on two with data about women on the left and men on the right. The UI is synchronized as to allow navigating the maps by either sex. To strengthen the ability to draw inferential conclusions, the UI allows for filtering based on statistical significance and provides a histogram that summarizes the data at a glance.

Current status: Pending mobile optimization, history URL rewrite, and bug fixes

Indicators & Icons set

User Interface - Income Distribution

Filtered by zip codes that are statistically significant (90% confidence)

Synced map interactions with tooltip

Computer, Engineering, and Science occupations for female vs male

Bachelor's degree comparison

Education submenu

Summary zip code view

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